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Professional online surveys and questionnaires
Professional online surveys and questionnaires

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

In the absence of information about how employees view the workplace, decisions affecting productivity, morale, turnover, pay, and benefits costs are made in an information vacuum. Money and resources directed toward items that don't need improvement (or, worse yet, result in decline) in these items are essentially wasted. If a company were to focus resources on improving a particular benefit when the real need employees have is more training and better communication, the end result would be a more costly benefits program than necessary and continued employee frustration.

Employees appreciate being asked for their opinions, and appreciate it all the more when survey results are acted upon. When changes are made that make employees feel better about coming to work, several benefits, aside from decreased turnover, can result. These include:

  • More energetic employees,
  • Increased productivity, as happier employees will tend to "go the extra mile," 
  • Improved teamwork, as employees get to know each other better (since they are staying longer), 
  • Higher quality products and services, due to a more competent, energized workforce and improved processes (processes identified in need of improvement in the survey), 
  • More satisfied customers, due to the higher quality products, services, and service levels provided by the energized workforce.

Advances in technology have made it possible for management to act on survey results in a very timely manner. It is common for our clients to have survey results, (including an analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations), in hand within four weeks after contacting us.

The need to survey is greater when one or more of the following factors are present.

  1. Rapidly growing organization. When an organization is growing quickly, it is critical to find out how employees feel about their jobs, the organization, and their fit and future within it.
  2. High or growing turnover rate. While some industries have a naturally high turnover, growing turnover is a problem for any organization. If your absolute level of turnover exceeds the industry average, you have a problem that an employee satisfaction survey is the first step to solving.
  3. Excessive rumors. A strong rumor mill is symptomatic of other problems in the organization. These can include communications, trust, and fear. Only a survey can uncover the extent to which any of these issues exists. 
  4. Planned or recent organizational changes, including change of leadership. Change can be difficult for many people. If not handled properly, productivity and profits can decline.
  5. Highly competitive industry. In a highly competitive industry, turnover minimization and productivity and creativity maximization are keys to success. Staying in touch with employees is necessary to facilitate continued competitiveness. 
  6. Contemplated changes in pay and benefits. You must know what needs to be "fixed" and how much "fixing" it needs to maximize return on invested money and people resources.

Surveyetc help you gather and analyze information in an efficient. Responses will be automatically calculated and presented in an easy to read format in real time, enabling you to prioritize and focus on those areas of your business which need development.manner. 

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