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Professional online surveys and questionnaires
Professional online surveys and questionnaires

How satisfied are your customers?

Customer satisfaction is the key to success. You want customers to be happy with the products and services you provide. If they feel they have received good value for their money, your business will prosper. Getting your customers to tell you what’s good about your business, and where you need improvement, helps you to be sure that your business measures up to their expectations.

In today's highly competitive environment, companies need an extra edge, and many have found that high quality customer service can make the difference in winning and retaining customers or losing them. Research shows that organizations which employ customer satisfaction research that goes beyond customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention measurements to identifying and measuring perceived customer value can deliver much more return for their research investment.

Competition gets tougher every year. Companies not only have to offer competitive prices, they have to increase service levels if they want to maintain or grow their businesses. Customer Satisfaction measurement and tracking can help you to maintain or gain competitive advantage by identifying areas for improvement. If customer satisfaction survey results are acted upon, the end result should be increased trial (generated by positive word-of-mouth advertising), and, of course, increased customer retention. Improved service levels can increase the value of your services to the customer, thereby reducing the role that price plays in the value equation.

By determining which factors produce the highest perceived value by customers, research can provide the knowledge to both correct deficiencies in today's customer service and assist in building high value strategic, customer service offerings for the future. The Customer Satisfaction survey questionnaires can help you learn about the perceived value of services and how your company stacks up against its primary competitors in delivering on the critical value factors.

The Customer Satisfaction survey program should focus on measuring customer perceptions of how well your organisation delivers on the critical success factors and dimensions of the business as defined by the customer; for example, service promptness, courtesy of staff, responsiveness, understanding of the customer's problem, etc.

In addition, don’t forget to follow up on the comments you receive. If you have to change a procedure, tell an employee how you want things done, pick a new delivery service, do it. And advertise the fact that you did. Send thank you notes to the customers whose comments caused you to make a change. Let them know that you can do an even better job because they took the time to help you improve.

Building and deploying a customer satisfaction survey solution is simple and fast. The Surveyetc team will work with you to identify key elements of your customer interactions which need to be analyzed, and develop a question set to measure your customers perceptions of these key elements.

The entire process is web based, allowing easy and fast access for your customers and quick response for your organization. Responses will be automatically calculated and presented in an easy to read format in real time, enabling you to prioritize and focus on those areas of your business which need development.

Surveyetc is the ideal choice for your customer service surveys.  Surveyetc software is comprehensive, and easy to use.

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