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Professional online surveys and questionnaires
Professional online surveys and questionnaires

Conference Evaluation

As association fine tune their purpose and develop tools and practices to move closer to becoming high performance organizations, they encounter the need to enhance knowledge management activities. Why the focus on knowledge management? Organizations want to reduce risk and increase their chances for success. This means improving their decision-making capacity. To reduce risk in decision-making, decision makers require credible knowledge specific to the decisions they need to make. This approach is called knowledge-based decision-making.  Survey are invaluable tool for gathering information to help you make knowledgeable decision.

In the not-for-profit environment, whether or not to hold an event and where to hold it often becomes politicized rather than made on good business sense. Boards involved in location decisions must understand the full financial impact of those decisions. For example, a Board wanting to go to a location because they have never been there before or have heard there is a great golf course at that location, must be aware of the potential cost to the association, trade show exhibitors and members.  While it is not always possible to take politics out of decision-making, it is important to understand the cost of decisions. Perhaps, a pre-conference survey is the best way to know what event attendees want.

If designed correctly, surveys can help assure your event is a success by enabling you to determine expectations, understand how participant felt during the event, and measure the effectiveness of your speakers long after the event is over.  Surveyetc partnership gives you a powerful tool to quickly gather, analyze information before and after an event. 

Event decision-making for events often relies on evaluations from members who attended the previous event. It is important to consider:

  • Who fills out evaluation forms?
  • Are the evaluations from people who are dedicated and come out for the same event each time?
  • Are respondents quickly filling in a form for the participation prize available to only those who complete an evaluation?
  • What do those who don't fill out the form really think?
  • How can we determine the views of those who didn't fill out a form? Perhaps spot checking and approaching those who don't leave an evaluation form would gain some insight.

Having a careful designed evaluation form for your events is sound practice.  Not only should the event managers focus on getting post conference feedback such as, "Yes, the food was good". Or, "you may find the speaker had great content but was not dynamic" but they should also focus on future meeting needs such "How likely are they to attend conference A, if the fee was decreased to $xxx" or "Will an online registration system will be useful".  This allows your members to voice their opinions on areas that need improvement or areas of success for your conferences.  This can directly increase your decision making and can significantly impact attendance at your next conference.

Building and deploying a conference evaluation survey solution is simple and fast but requires care in asking right questions.  The Surveyetc team will work with you to identify key elements of your customer interactions which need to be analyzed, and develop a question set to measure your customers perceptions of these key elements.

The entire process is web based, allowing easy and fast access for your customers and quick response for your organization. Responses will be automatically calculated and presented in an easy to read format in real time, enabling you to prioritize and focus on those areas of your business which need development.

Surveyetc is the ideal choice for your conference evaluation surveys.  Surveyetc software is comprehensive, and easy to use.

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