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Professional online surveys and questionnaires
Professional online surveys and questionnaires

About Surveyetc

If you're in business, you already know how essential it is to listen to your customers. What you may not have realized, though, is that there's no better way to truly understand your customers' deepest desires (the wants and needs that guide and motivate each and every one of their buying decisions) than by conducting a survey.

A carefully constructed survey can be a powerful tool for striking up a personal conversation with your customers to learn exactly how they feel about your company, and its products and services--valuable insights that give you the opportunity to turbo-charge your profits by:

  • Gaining a greater understanding of your potential buyers' interests, challenges, values and lifestyles and then using this information to make adjustments to your product or service (or the way it's packaged) to increase usability and appeal.
  • Re-writing the benefits emphasized in your sales copy to focus closely on those that are of greatest interest to your target market.
  • Discovering new or underserved micro-niches (those tiny groups of customers who are typically ignored by large corporations) and tapping into these additional profit channels.
  • Spotting fads and market trends quickly and capitalizing on them before your competitors do.

And if you conduct it online, you'll do it without the typical costs associated with offline surveys, all within a matter of a few days (or even a few hours).

Surveyetc software is a powerful tool designed for non-technical users that allows you to create online survey in minutes. Surveyetc software makes creating, implementing and administration of your survey easier. Conduct your customer statisfaction surveys, 360 degree evaluations, employee satisfaction survey, marketing research surveys, conference planning and post conferences surveys, product launch surveys, and any other types of surveys. You can create surveys with an unlimited number of questions, spanning an unlimited number of pages, and check real-time responses from anywhere in the world. 

Surveyetc product allows its customers to cost-effectively and easily conduct professional online surveys and analyze the results efficiently.  Surveyetc tools empower its customer to make the right decisions by collecting and analyzing strategic information, resulting in better Return of Invetment (ROI) and competitive positioning.

Surveyetc, Inc. located in Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.  Surveyetc is committed in providing superior service to its customers.  Our trained team of consultants are dedicated to assist and provide guidance to our customers on all survey matter. Our clients include well established firms such as Experian, Barnes & Nobles, and Telecom Newzealand as well as many associatins and emerging companies.

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